Last Day on Earth

Last day on Earth: Survival or last day on Earth, in Spanish, is the new free strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies. A pandemic has destroyed the world and our only goal is to survive, to kill zombies, find food and build a shelter. The premise is simple, but the truth is that we find a multiplayer game with a multitude of options and a very careful aesthetic.

The game is actually still in beta but already has millions of players who are advancing, rising level and building small strengths. As if it were a Minecraft, we will collect resources, manufacture weapons and equip ourselves to be able to fight the zombies in a more efficient way.

Last Day on Earth: Zombies Raze

Last day on Earth has been developed by Kefir Games, who have been working in this sector since 2009. At the moment they had few games, mainly MMO like Forge of Glory that had about a million downloads. Nothing to do with the immediate success of Last Day on Earth rising from the ten million.

His recent success is based on a combination of several factors. Among them we believe is an ambitious graphic design that transports us to a credible futuristic world, a simple mechanics, the vice of collecting objects and destroying zombies, everyone likes to kill zombies based on axe or machine guns.

Just start the game we will be in an area with a few zombies. We will eliminate them, take resources and we can start building our home. But the truth is that to move forward in Last Day on Earth will have to travel to adjoining areas. For this we will need real time, a half hour or more, or energy. A vitality within the game that is depleting and we can recover over time or pay real money.

To go controlling our state we have the inventory and construction plans where to improve objects. Also through the furniture and utensils that we build, we will be able to manufacture food or drink. Because we remember that the game is survival and we can die of all kinds of ways.

As we say, we will have to explore abandoned military base and survivors ‘ camps to find new weapons. We can also visit the facilities of other survivors. 80% of the population died from the virulent virus called deadly plague, we are in 2027 and also zombies will find animals and lunatics.

Many users have started playing Last Day on Earth to be able to get vehicles and the most advanced weapons, but the truth is that many are still in development.

Yes, the amount of objects is huge and we can get from Kevlar armor to SWAT pants. All of them with their own characteristics to the most RPG style and with a limited durability. Last Day on Earth is pure survival and not to have a good shotgun or a helmet will make sure not to die.

We can live three weeks without food, three days without water and three minutes without air: Some laws of the time that as we move in the game we will have very present.

An excellent strategic multiplayer for Android

Last day on Earth must be seen as a multiplayer game. We do not have real PVP at the moment, but we can visit and communicate with other players. To do this we will have to build an antenna and give us access to the chat, perfect for synchronizing.

We can also join clans, another classic in the MMO and that Last Day on Earth are also present. Eye, because visiting other survivors may seem simple but their homes are also protected against us with all kinds of traps. If we want to rob them of resources, we’ll have to destroy some explosives-based walls.

The game is designed for over 16 years. Not only because of the violence inherent in killing zombies but because they include numerous purchases within the application. The whole game is based on getting resources and surviving and although it can be done perfectly, if we want to climb to higher levels or get the most deadly weapons, in the end we will succumb to the temptations that offer us based on real money.

And you’re warned, the game is very addictive. The items that can be purchased range from 1.29 euros to 114.99 euros and we have from transport to take less to get to the sites, passing through weapons and packs of hunters to basic supplies to build on our own.

A post-apocalyptic world that surrounds us

Last Day on Earth is having a lot of impact and a good number of users have launched on Youtube or Twitch to relay their progress.

We already know that video social networks are a good indication of when a title is succeeding and with few months of life last day on Earth has managed to convince millions of people. Clans are already being built and Kefir Games has released several updates to enable the active community to remain engaged.

Last day on Earth is available for free download on Google Play and if you still have any questions, here we leave some images of the artwork that is being done to endow the universe that they are creating realism. All the lovers of the post-apocalyptic and the zombies have before them a classic game, but with much work behind it.

10 Ideas of Activities for the Last Day of School

There is little to finish the school year, the children are already thinking about the summer holidays and the teachers have finished the schedules, books, notebooks… So, today from Petit Explorer we want to propose ideas of activities for the last days of class.

The objective of this list of ideas is that students enjoy their last days of school and go on vacation with a good memory of the school:

1. Scrapbook

Print pictures you made during the course, ask students to order and hook up on an album. Then relive the moments lived and write around the photos phrases, drawings and anecdotes. Among all you can create an album with the memories of the course, a great souvenir as a gift to finish the year.

2. Write a letter

Ask students to write a letter giving advice to students that the next course will be in this class: interesting activities they can do, difficult exercises to review, excursions … This will also serve you to see that students remember more intensely and that you can improve in the next course.

3. Clean the classroom

Ask students to review, save, or throw away everything that no longer serves to leave the class clean for the next course. Save in folders or boxes with your name all that will be useful next year.

4. Exit outside

Take advantage to leave the classroom, now is the best time: good weather, do not have to worry about skipping the programming, the students are relaxed … It may be interesting to look back, to review what you learned in the classroom and to make an exit to go over what you learned, or do new activities that during the course we have not had time to do as cooperative games. On the website of the Petit Explorer you will find a lot of original proposals to do these days!

5. Brainstorming

Introduce topics in a bag for students to speak in class. Have the students take a random role and develop creative and fun ideas on that topic. For example: How do you imagine the ideal patios, how many things you can do with a clip, what would you do if you wake up one day and become a butterfly, etc.

6. Board games

If your classroom is equipped with a variety of educational games, now is a good time to pull them. Organize group games every 4 or 5 tables. Make groups rotate from one activity to another periodically.

7. Take advantage of this gift

Do everything you haven’t had time to do during the course, innovate, experiment and test without the pressure of the class books. Do not throw away these last days, use to test all those ideas you always think you will someday, now is the time!

8. Films

This is the typical resource that we have always used, but … and if we do a cinema forum and we just look at one movie after another? First of all we have to make it clear to the students that the activity is not a hobby. They have to come up with a positive attitude, ready for reflection, listening and participation. The goal is to allow critical reflection and group dialogue. In the post “movies to work in the classroom: prehistory, old age, and the Middle Ages” you will find some ideas.

9. Thank the Companions

Ask the students to make a list of all the classmates and write something good that they have lived with them during this course, agradeciéndolos their good behavior. They can also thank the school staff. He asked for a written reflection thanking everyone who had made it possible for the school to work properly (parent volunteers, the director, Porter or the canteen service workers). After each student delivers the paper with the gratitude to the person to whom it is directed.

10. Gymkhana

The activity is to involve the children in different activities, games and manual and cognitive skills. They will jump, think, draw, run and above all enjoy a fun day. On the website of the Petit Explorer you will find a lot of gymkhanas organized for school groups!

From now on we hope that values on the last day of class with your students. Since it is a perfect time to look back and remember the good Times lived with the group. And we invite you to explain in the comments of this post other ideas and proposals to make with the students on the last day of school.

Tricks for Last Day On Earth

Last Day on Earth is one of the most worked survival games we have seen for mobiles, and although it is in the development phase, you can play it perfectly. We have been playing for a couple of weeks, and we can say that we have totally hooked. There are hundreds of things to do, and having some previous tricks can greatly help your experience be more satisfying. Today we leave you with 11 tricks corresponding to the last day on Earth that will help you a lot.

Many of them may already be put into practice, but others may have been overlooked. In addition, there are some that are not perceptible until you reach a specific level, and can help save time or materials. But we’re going to go there.

Always try to wear shoes and clothes

Clothing, as well as an aesthetic element, helps us to protect ourselves from enemies, and therefore it is very important to always carry something at the top. The most important are the sneakers or boots, as it will help us run faster, and therefore we can do everything faster and flee from the enemies in case of emergency for Last Day on Earth.

Do not give importance to parties that are not used

In the game we have many elements, but not all are essential in the first levels. If you are in an event and if you catch a gun to take these valuable chips, you should know that, up to very advanced levels you will not be able to use them, so your storage is absurd up to that point, when you find it easily in the bunkers.

Take only the essential elements for events and outputs

When you leave the base, the normal thing is that they do it to obtain materials like stone, wood or pieces. We can find a lot, but we can take too many things and not leave too much space in our backpack. Leave the base with a pair of equipped weapons, a bottle of water and little more. As you go materials you can easily make hatches and peaks, so it is not necessary to take 5 or 6 of all and leave no room for materials and parts.

Attack all the zombies and animals you can from behind

Fighting a zombie can be quite tedious if you don’t have too many weapons or protection on your site. Down to the right we have a button with which he crouches, and that will serve to approach a zombie without knowing it. Only when we are behind it, should you hit it, need that in many cases just blow it down. This is also effective with deer, who will lead more than if they scare them.

Shower often if you don’t want to be an easy prey

Maybe when you introduce a pine forest it always goes to dozens of zombies for you, from afar, and do nothing. This is due to its smell. It is important that when you can, shower, and use it before going to the hunt or events. This will allow us not to be discovered, and be able to attack many more zombies in the back.

Kill all the zombies and animals before you start collecting

Meeting is one of the tasks you will have to do several times a day on the last day on Earth, in order to store food, materials and parts. This can be quite tedious when there are many zombies involved, but it is best to finish them all before you start chopping or chopping. This leaves us with the certainty that no one will attack or disturb us while we do our job.

Auto-Pick up after killing all enemies

You may not know it, but on the left side of your mobile there is a button that says ‘ Auto ‘. This button will be one of your main allies. When you finish with all the zombies, press it and you will see how your character starts to collect all the materials in the area, except the suitcases with pieces. We can let him do it all by himself, and if we have followed the previous trick, he will not find zombies in his work.

Watch out for other players

Maybe every time they go out to collect or hunt, he meets other characters who want to attack you. It is important that you observe the amount of life and the weapon you carry, as depending on this you can end it or not. Killing him will allow you to take all your belongings, but if he ends up with you you will lose everything you wore, including backpack and clothes. If you wear sneakers, you may find more or equal to it, so it is advisable to flee to the green areas that leave the map to not be annihilated.

Do not concentrate on the bike with low levels

In order to go to the different points on the map on the last day on Earth, you have to walk, and it can be tedious to wait. When you reach certain levels, we have vehicles like the bike, which can solve your life. The truth is, the shot of the bike is not so simple, because the plane we manufacture leaves us with a workshop, where to create the bike. Here we will need several pieces that we can not find until much more advanced levels, when we go to the bunkers, so with low levels, you should not bother to unlock the plane of the bike, not even the SUV.

Cook all the food you see and do not dispose of the empty water bottles

Food and water are two essential things on the last day on Earth, and for this you have to be very careful of your use. It is not advisable to eat anything crude, as it will bring less energy, and we will have to eat after a few minutes. If we have a steak or carrots, it is best to cook them, as they will give us much more energy. Water is also a very valuable resource, but we can pick it up easily when we get the rain catcher. Do not throw away the empty water bottles, as you can put them there and get the water in a few minutes.

Go to the most dangerous pine forests to find events

You may not have thought about going to pine forests or red rocky areas, as these have very powerful zombies, but there is a very interesting trick in them. When we enter one and collect 4 or 5 things, an event will appear on the map in a matter of seconds. We just have to get in, cut some trees and leave. Then we will see how at another point on the map an event will appear with the assistance package or crashed plane.

Gardenscapes Hack for Unlimited and Free Coins

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Cheats for Mobile Unlimited Strike Gold Hack

Hello dear friends! Are you looking for a solution to generate free Gold in Mobile Strike game? If so, then you have reached your destination. Stop looking for information on how to hack mobile strike now. Because today we are presenting our mobile tool strike tricks. This tool is developed by team members at the request of members of the mobile strike game community. This mobile strike cutting tool can generate unlimited amounts of gold on your mobile strike account. All you have to complete is follow the steps that the individuals will provide in this post.

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With the mobile strike trick you will receive amounts of gold without having to spend a penny, even individual. So, we’re going to know the path you should use our cutting tool.

How to use the mobile strike cutting tool?

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Strike some tips and moving tricks

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Everwing Cheats – Easiest Way to Hack Unlimited Coins

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The Most Successful Spin-Off of Video Games

One of the phenomena of fiction is spin-offs. From the game world is in great growth, it is interesting to review how the world has affected and to review the most successful spin-off of video games.

The term “off” is closely linked to success. If not for the results of the derivative work that is for those of the original work. As title becomes popular, the possibilities of its history branching out cultivation. The videoludic medium, while still growing at the industrial level (not so much in other ways, unfortunately, for many) does not escape this phenomenon. It is interesting, for this reason, to look back to take a look at some of the most successful spin-offs in video games.

Gaiden and Spiritual Sequel

It is noteworthy, from the beginning, that not everything can be called a spin-off. It is not the same as, for example, a spiritual sequel. Nor is it necessarily a Gaiden (a Japanese term that comes to mean something like “parallel history”). The fundamental difference is that a derivative game arises after the original work and its main objective is to expand the universe of this. Or at least that’s what sounds good. A legend says that the Internet “money is money,” and companies have the habit of happiness of wanting to earn more money, the better.

That’s how the divisions are produced. And there is so much art to sneak up a new unnecessary story and that no one had asked. There are many different kinds of derived stories that we can find in fiction and go far beyond the search for Obi Wan in turn for his adventures in space.

We could explain it through the following metaphor: The universe of a work is like a kind of forest. And, in the center of that forest, is the great ancient tree with thick trunk and many leaves. This tree is the main story of a work and occupies the most important place in the forest. The rest focus on increasing the future legacy that can leave the job. By telling new stories that take advantage of the universe that already exists. Or exploring new details that were not considered important to show the main story of the Great Millennial tree.

Spin-off mechanics

In video games, due to their mechanical nature and the need for interaction between the player and the work, a specific type abounds. One that, based on a video game with a vast world behind, reinvents itself with new mechanics and looks for ways to offer a new history take advantage of all the resources offered by the principal.

A clear example can be Final Fantasy tactics. Very few deliveries of these strategy games have enjoyed the fame, the numbers of prestige and good. Although they do not require great creative effort and cannot help to expand the main universe, they are often interesting because of the new possibilities they can offer outside of their nature.

This, needless to say anything, was interesting for fans of the saga because although it did not mean a new delivery with the whole law, it was a way to return to an attractive universe. And, of course, he brought a good deal of gillnets to the arcades of the square. According to VGChartz (page that serves as guidance, but does not provide exact figures) this secondary series would have sold more than 6 million copies. Not bad for not belonging to that main tree.

the Nintendo case

Within this category it is mandatory to mention Nintendo. The great N is a veteran of getting the most out of its major franchises and rare is the character who does not have 2 or 3 games derived from the main story. The most obvious so important and by numbers can be, perhaps, Mario Kart. More than 100 million copies have been sold among all the deliveries of the saga. It is usually, at least, among the 3 best-selling games of all the company’s consoles. A resounding success.

Another that deserves, besides plumbing, a special mention, is Pokémon. Pokémon Ranger, Mysterious World, pinball or, much more recent and dreamed, Pokémon GO. All of them are derived from the deliveries of the original game, whose important change is the new mechanical point of view. The last, as we speak in terms of success, has broken several records of downloads and for weeks has surpassed 750 million. Almost nothing.

Following the metaphor of the forest, this type of cleavage can grow from the main tree itself or even grow as a new tree. They are separated from the main tree and helps expand that immense forest of pocket monsters. Even though, of course, this is not the only guy. Yes, the most recurrent, but they’re not the only ones.

Spin-off character

Another that generally abounds and contributes more in narrative terms is the one that follows the particular story of a secondary character. It is common for the community to ask for more than one favorite character and sometimes it may be interesting to know what has happened to kill the protagonist on guard.

The first one that can be crossed by the head for reasons of proximity is uncharted: the Lost Legacy. The one that emerged as a DLC any for the fourth installment left the limelight to Chloe and focuses on one of his adventures. It ended up winning so much entity that could almost be considered a new installment of the saga. Minor obviously but it acts like a game derived from the main series and Sims cheat free game on the website.

And he’s not the first to come out of a saga of naughty Dog. His previous pet, how, he had such a charismatic companion that he deserved a game for him. Daxter had his own story between the first two deliveries of the original trilogy and he needed to know what had happened to the fusion of the marsupial weasel and he had left the dark echo armed with a flamethrower, because “behind every hero there is always another” Hero. ” More than 4 million copies sold the title of Ready at Dawn.

There are times, in addition, that this type of deliveries are mixed with the first type that I have referred to before. It tells a story of someone secondary and takes advantage of the new mechanics and even suffers a change of gender. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a good example. In it is taken to Raiden (protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 but secondary in the rest of the saga) that more than move within a box of what it does is distribute swords. and not a malfunction; Reached almost 2 million dollars in sales.
“Hi, it’s me, Mario!”

But in no way is the most famous or important of this type fusion. He said it was mandatory to mention Nintendo if we were talking about spin-offs and that the plumber is a more plumbed person out of the world. It is the same Mario, icon and legend of the world-wide video games, the most successful and famous spin-off in the industry. Super Mario Bros. He was born thanks to the success of Donkey Kong, starring Mr.. Jumpman. Such was the success, in fact, that generated a new franchise that helped save the industry and the medium grow to the point that today we are. One of the few occasions in a tree that was supporting the main grew much more and was more important than the central.

There is little to say about the success of the plumber. Not only does each game sell a lot, but it is one of the franchises with the best numbers in history. This high school grew so much that it generated more derivative sagas. I like, for example, the same Mario Kart, the games of Luigi or Yoshi … It is very likely, in fact, that Mario is the franchise with more series derived from the world of video games.

To mention another similar (although not reached the sole of the shoe for the success of Mario) would not be more remember the saga person. The saga of JRPGs is, in essence, a secondary saga of the franchise Shin Megami Tensei. In Japanese lands is an important Rolea saga (behind the Beasts of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy), but Atlus has wanted to offer experiences to a wider audience. And they have. Person 5 exceeded this year 1.5 million copies sold as reported by Polygon. The secondary saga is better known all over the world than Megaten.

Spin-off alternative

In fact, person might well preside over a third type of spin-off. One that focuses on telling more things within the main universe. It does not have to be a parallel story, The adventures of a secondary character or even depend on other mechanics to justify itself. He’s completely oblivious to the main tree. And it only takes advantage of the frondiness of the Great forest in which it has grown.

It can also happen that a universe feeds on a large number of derived stories and are all as important as the main one. A forest completely full of large trees, but none of them gets to excel. The Zelda saga enjoys great success and the importance in the industry and is totally unique. And, in part, it may be because of this WWE.

Liaison games are characterized by not having a strict order. There are jumps in time, different dimensions and each delivery follows its own history. There are dozens of theories, schematics and explanations that arise from Skyward Sword and can end up in several points according to the time of jumps and the fate that has followed Hyrule. But there is no fixed timeline that is the only possible story and the rest are mere derivatives. Each and every deliveries collaborate to generate the complete and common history of the Zelda universe. It is a set of divisions that breaks the rule and forms between the entire main plot. And, of course, it is synonymous with success; It is estimated that the total amount of the franchise has exceeded $90 million in sales.

The Money Forest

The fact is, as I said in the beginning, spin-offs are inextricably linked to success. No matter what type you are and the forest you belong to; Or you will get good numbers or you are born thanks to the good numbers.

Thus it has been to the point of generating its own categories: those based on the new mechanics but the universe is already known, that it is based on secondary characters, that it tries to say something new of the universe or that, among all the others, it enjoys special relevance. All Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, derivative games designed to take advantage of fashion. Each tree, branch or small leaf is part, whether you like it or not (to the companies that like them) of that great forest in which the players are looking to spend our time.

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